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 "And when your world is flipped upside down and everything has just done a 360, don't panic. It may have just turned you in the direction you were meant to be all along." -Regan Long

In Stuck at 5 CM, Regan Long walks us through the biggest storm of her life, as she shares that she, as we all are, are faced with two choices when we find ourselves there.

When you're scared and stuck and simply sinking, you feel as if you're drowning out in the middle of the ocean with no help in sight, one of two things are bound to happen:

1. You give up hope and sink.
2. All of a sudden you become one hell of a good swimmer.

The difference for me?

Every time my back has been thrown up against the wall... well, I have become one hell of a swimmer.

God met me halfway and took what was meant to destroy me and instead used it to abundantly bless me. 

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Stuck at 5 CM is a projected best seller


 Best selling author, top blogger, global entrepreneur, business mentor, public speaker, philanthropist, and paid family leave advocate, Regan Long, has developed a huge platform over the years with her writing, touching millions of readers around the world.

With her five children Kendyl, Kaden, Kennedy, Kelsey, and Kolby, Regan has found such inspiration navigating through motherhood, capturing empowering moments that she has experienced that are shared and read by millions across the globe.

Long was named Huffington Post's top 10 blogger two years in a row and has likewise been featured on several other top parenting sites with numerous of her pieces being shared millions of times on Motherly, Today Parents, Love What Matters, and Scary Mommy.

Regan has grown two top entrepreneurial businesses from home, retiring her from her teaching career at the age of 31. After publishing 101 Moments of Motherhood and A Letter for Every Mother, Long is releasing her third book, Stuck at 5 CM, that is projected to be a best seller after its initial reviews.

"Regan is a master at delivering what most are afraid to share."

"Regan’s intense vulnerability broke down barriers that I’ve put up for decades."

"Regan went where most are afraid to go; her brutal honesty is admirable."

"What I’ve been searching for in the last 7 years of therapy, Regan just hit the nail on the head."

"I’m not a Mom yet love that every single part of this book gave me the strength to change my life."

"Bold and brave – Regan just broke barriers for millions."

"Every person who feels “stuck” in any sense of their life needs to read this book!"

"Fear has dictated pretty much my entire adult life – this book made me take my first step that I’ve needed to take for close to a decade."

"Someone else’s brutal honesty has never been more refreshing."

"I’ve read this book 3 times in the past two weeks. I took something new away from it each time."

"If there was ever a person who could make broken look beautiful, it’s Regan."

"A short masterpiece that needs in the hands of every adult."

"Do yourself a favor and take 90 minutes to read something that will forever change the way you view life."

"Regan is both bold and brilliant – this read will move and impact millions."

"It’s like she was in my mind and telling my story, however, she just gave me the courage to go be my own hero."

"Through sharing her fear, Regan has shown a way for others to become fearless."

"Her faith brought back my faith; I haven’t felt this inspired in years."

"Stuck at 5 cm reminded me that no one else is coming to save me; only I can do that."

"Getting unstuck never felt so good. I took the scariest first step into transforming the rest of my life."

"Simply transcendent – her story took me to a place I have needed to go to for some time now; I had to first go a little lower before I could take my first step up and over."

"Getting unstuck with Regan – best 90 minutes I could have given myself." 

Regan currently is mentoring just under 500 CBD distributors across all 50 states. She has locked arms with a top, world renowned surgeon and top medical advisory board with the most lucrative and revolutionary product in history. 

Long currently has several hundred clients across the country using her pharmaceutical grade CBD oil.  

The Real Deal of Parenting


Long is not only an author and featured blogger for several of the top, global, household names, but is also the CEO and founder of The Real Deal of Parenting

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