Does this sound like you?

- insanely driven and highly motivated; you could say he/she is a jack of all trades and goes 24/7 ... 365 

- he/she wants to make more of an income to do more for their family but more importantly, HAVE more TIME with their family 

- has huge dreams (ones that almost scare them), but has an even bigger faith in God 

- ready to become in the best shape of their life ...healthy, fit, and most importantly strong 

- possibly a serial entrepreneur, waiting on their million dollar idea -- and knows they're meant to be their own boss

- wants to stay at home, set their own hours and have a flexible schedule

- possibly a teacher or nurse because they love helping others -OR- is in a profession where he/she deals with people on a regular basis...most definitely a people person

- loves growing and moving forward ... did I mention he/she is ambitious?

- has overcome so much adversity but knows they have/will only come out stronger for it

- likes to write, may even been an aspiring author or blogger as he/she has a way with words or has a lot to say/share 

- has a fear of failure but realizes now what do they have to can't get big rewards without big risk

- done going through the day to day motions and is ready to be a part of greatness ... ready to unlock their own greatness

- READY to go ALL IN and take MASSIVE ACTION towards becoming ALL that he/she KNOWS in their heart that God is CALLING them to be 

What am I looking for?

...and if he/she had the chance to have a mentor that could show them the way -- they would give it their all, being coachable and willing to learn 

I'm looking for highly motivated men and women who live in the United States, Canada, or the U.K. who are hard working, driven, ambitious, and are willing to give an hour of their day to begin to grow their business. 

To learn more about my next training....

Message me with your interest, including where you're from, and why you think you would be a good fit in having me as your mentor, helping you to grow your own business from home. 

Message Long for more details